About Us


My Childcare Business has been open since 2001. My husband stays home to help me with running of my childcare. This in turn gives me more opportunity to be able to do more activities with the children in certain age ranges.

I operate on a large childcare license and care for children ages 0-12 yrs of age on a daily basis. We are open 24 hours a day Monday-Friday.  We do occasionally accommodate Saturday & Sunday if we are available as drop in care.  So if you are looking for day time openings or night time openings we can accommodate your schedule.

I like a structured environment but not regimented. In other words, I try to make things predictable for the children so they know what to expect and at what time.  During the school year I offer a preschool program for ages 3-5 yrs of age.

We do a variety of things depending on what time of year it is. Throughout the summer we have plenty of time to go on field trips to the Zoo, Elitches, Movies, Swimming, Park, etc. I usually have a sign up for the children for swimming lessons which runs 2 week sessions throughout the summer and we play it by year depending on demand of parents wanting the swim lessons. During the school year it is harder to plan and do field trips but on school out days we try to sneak them in.  During the School year we offer a preschool program that runs on Tu/Th from 9:30a-11a.

I don’t have to limit myself with enrollment as I have an amazing husband that is my wonderful helper. That gives me the room to be able to do a variety of things without having to worry about my enrollment of children that depend on age, maturity and group skills.

A safe, loving environment is one of the biggest advantages of my in-home daycare. I love connecting with the children from day to day and watching them grow.

The friendships that my whole family has been able to gain from my childcare have been a blessing. Now that I have been doing childcare for over 20 years, I have been able to see some of my children that I provided care for throughout the year’s blossom into wonderful adults/parents themselves. My daycare families are more like part of our family, now, and I stay in touch with each of them.

There are real advantages to learning and understanding your child’s needs and supporting each parent’s desires. I value the trust and friendship that I have with all of my families that I provide care for.

Statement of Commitment

As an individual who works with young children, I commit myself to furthering the values of early childhood education as they are reflected in the ideals and principals of the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) code of Ethical Conduct.  To the best of my ability I will

  • Ensure that programs for young children are based on a current knowledge and research of child development and early childhood education.
  • Respect and support families in their task of nurturing children.
  • Respect colleagues in early childhood care and education and support them in maintaining the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.
  • Serve as an advocate for children, their families, and their teachers in community and society.
  • Stay informed of and maintain high standards of professional conduct.
  • Engage in an ongoing process of self-reflection, realizing that personal characteristics, biases, and beliefs have an impact on children and families.
  • Be open to new ideas and be willing to learn from the suggestions of others.
  • Continue to learn, grow, and contribute as a professional.
  • Honor the ideals and principles of the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.