Rates and Openings

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Please Call For Rates (all ages)

**The Following defines how the rates and openings will be considered for contracted clients only**

  • Part Time: Up to 5 days/week no more than 4 hours per day (limited amount of spots available)
  • Full Time: Up to 5 days/week no more than 9 hours per day.
  • Over Time: Anything over 9 hours per day and has to be approved and dependent on availability.
  • Daily/Hourly Rates: Has to be approved and dependent on availability.

*When you are contracted on Part Time, Full Time, Over Time, Daily or Hourly Rate you are holding a spot for your child during those times, so you will be expected to pay that rate each week regardless of attendance.

Any unexpected hours being used over your scheduled hours will be charged as a late pick up fee.  We contract based off of the hours you provide and if you go over hours without approval beforehand could cause issues with my licensed capacity and you will run the risk of immediate termination of your contracted spot.  Any late pick ups outside of your contracted spots will still need to be approved beforehand as I may not always have the openings to accommodate your need for overage of hours.    

***Drop in care*** This type of care is only on availability (meaning you are not contracted with me and you are wanting to pay only on the days that your child is here) These rates are available and I do have the openings from time to time so that you can either do date night or Birthday/Christmas shopping – So in other words what this means is if you choose not to contract with me and you want drop in, you will have to check with me if there is room for your child on the dates that you need.  I cannot guarantee that you will be able to consistently drop your child off each week on all the days that you may want/need unless you are contracted with me and holding a spot for those specific days of the week.  Now if you call and I have openings for that specific date just remember that it is a 1 time opening for that date only.  If you are needing more days/times you will have to get them approved ahead of time.  These are day by day openings not a scheduled weekly opening.  If you want a consistent scheduled day each week and want it guaranteed you will need to speak with me on the contracted daily rates and if available I can write up a contract for that day of the week to be held for your child each week.  In turn you will be in a contract and expected to pay regardless of attendance.  This just secures that day of the week for your child to be in childcare with us. 

***To set up an interview for those positions you will need to contact me directly via email ajschildcare24@gmail.com or by phone at 970-624-0426***