School Year 2014-2015

Welcome to another year of back to school.  If your child has homework we will work our best to get it done here so that you may enjoy the evening and not have to worry about it.   The new calendar for school out days is posted on the Thompson R2J website.  I will try to remind everyone when a school out day is coming up.  We have more this year as they did away with the early release Wednesdays.

Preschool –  If your child is eligible for preschool in the upcoming year you will need to see me for forms that you can fill out and take into Thompson Integrated Early Childhood Program.  I am limited on forms so if needed I can send a copy of it to you in email.  The contact number to get any further information is 970-613-5052.   This is free preschool and one that can bus to and from my house.  If you end up using this preschool program you will have to set up the transportation too.  You will want to contact them asap to make sure you are not missing important deadlines for papers to be turned in for next year.

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